Thursday, September 5, 2013

Snippet #1 (UNEDITED)

I said I might post a little snippet at 250 Likes and 400 followers, and here it is.  Please remember that it is an unedited 1st draft.  That being said, I hope you giggle at this scene as I do every time I read it.  

Meet Drew and Becca in..

Something More (Snippet #1...UNEDITED)
by Jenna Tyler

Just as we are about to pay our checks and head back to our apartment complex, the door to the bar opens. In walks, no other than, 'Mr. Tall Water'.  I flush immediately.  My stomach tightens and I get a little shaky inside.

Alyssa looks at me with concern. "Are you okay?" A moment passes and I reply, "Uh. Yea."  She looks puzzled. I try to offer up some words to ease her, but I am speechless.

I look down at the table nervously, but not before catching him glance at me as he walks through to take a seat at the bar. Suddenly I feel a heat run through my body.

"This is so strange," whispering so low that Alyssa can't make out what I've said. Phew. I look up at her and then my eyes dart over to the stranger again and see that he is full on staring at me. My eyes flash back to Alyssa. "Are you sure you are okay?" she asks.

"Yea. It's just that guy over there," nodding in his direction. "I've seen him almost every day when I've gone out since the day I met you at the bookstore. Now he's staring at me and I feel..." I trail off.  

I feel like taking his fine ass right here in the middle of the bar and making him scream my name, is what I feel.  Good gravy this guy has the most erotic effect on me and he's never even spoken a word to me.  

Alyssa calls me back to reality, snapping her fingers.  "Bec! Hello? Are you back on this planet now?  Would you like to finish your sentence?"  She chuckles.  I huff out a breath, coming out of my reverie.  

Still flushed I say, "Uh yea. Where was I?"  We chuckle again together.  

"You were saying that delicious looking man over there, that is still staring at you, makes you feel...?"  

"Oh right. Well you can see what he does to my thought process. And now he's actually looking at me with a wickedness that makes my body feel like it's on fire."
Her mouth falls open as if she can't believe I just shared that information with her.  Honestly, I can't believe I did either.  We just met after all.  

Maybe she knows who he is.  I ask, "Have you ever seen him before?"

"Yes, I see him around here and there. He's all over the newspapers and tv. He's some kind of high and mighty business mogul. I don't know exactly what he does though."  

"Do you mind if we stay for just one more drink?" Alyssa replies excitedly, "Of course not! I want to see what this is all about."  We giggle.  She calls the waitress over and we order another round of drinks.  Alyssa gets a buttery nipple this time too.  

My drink disappears quite a bit faster with my nerves all wound up in a tight little ball.

Alyssa has been keeping me informed of 'Mr. Tall Water's' actions.  He is still at the bar watching me and only having drinks.  

"Man, my dreams should be spectacular tonight. This is the longest I've been in his presence. I might have to take care of...some things before I go to sleep tonight," I murmur.  Alyssa's eyebrows shoot up.  

"Oops. I have to learn to filter my thoughts before I blurt them out to new people."  She looks at me with an 'Oh please' smirk.  

"Us single ladies gotta do what we gotta do. No shame in it. At least he's smokin' hot and will do....uh...your dreams justice."  We both laugh loudly and notice everyone look in our direction.  Oops again.

We pay our bills and I excuse myself to go to the restroom, even though our apartment complex is just around the corner.  I didn't want to feel rushed to get there just to go to the bathroom.

As I walk past him to get to the restroom, I take a quick glance at him. Damn, he's so gorgeous. One corner of my mouth lifts into a half smile.  

Once I make sure I look decent and don't have toilet paper sticking out of my pants or stuck to a shoe, I sling open the door to head back out into the bar.

I walk out, and slam right into a hard body.  "Oomf," I hear. 

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" I exclaim.

The hit made me stammer back a little and then the restroom door swings back, hitting me in the ass.  This launches me forward again.  

A little unstable, I catch myself.  This time before smacking into the hard body again. I am all up in his personal space though. 

A hand shoots out to grab my arm to help steady me. The fire that bloomed over my body from the light touch was overwhelming.  

"Jesus, I'm such a klutz. I'm so sorry...again," I apologize, as I look up to see who I've embarrassed myself in front of. Twice in a matter of seconds.

Oh. My. God.  I am staring up into a set of mesmerizing, deep blue eyes.  Like the color of the deep Caribbean waters as seen from an airplane.

My knees start to feel a little shaky.  "I...I should've paid more attention to where I was going,"  I try to say without sounding like an idiot.

Then the most calming, sexiest voice enters my ears.

"Please don't worry about me. It was my fault.  Although the door hitting you from behind, I would have to say, was all you," he jokes.  

A sexy chuckle comes out of this beautiful man.  I give a breathy little laugh, still hypnotized by his eyes. My insides are shivering and my core is at attention.  This feeling is un-fucking-believable.

"So embarrassing," I whisper. He grins, embarrassing me further. "It wasn't too bad.  Could've been worse." Thinking about that a moment, I could've fallen and busted my ass.  "Yes, I guess you are right."

He sticks out his hand, "Drew Chambers, by the way." Automatically taking his hand, I reply, "Becca Michaels." 


  1. Great snippet! Can't wait for the whole thing. ;)

  2. I found you through the Shadows of the Heart 1000 Likes Giveaway!

  3. found you through the Shadows of the Heart 1000 Likes Giveaway!