Friday, December 6, 2013

Latest on Something More...

Well folks, I am well past the halfway mark and I'm working on finishing it up.  I decided to completely redo the cover and that is 2 little steps away from being complete.  (THANK YOU, ROBIN!) The COVER REVEAL is scheduled for January 16th, 2014.  Book is set to go to editor soon thereafter.  Then I get to do edits an then resubmit to editor for a read-through and then I can release the beast. ;-)

I still need to set up my Goodreads account and I'm scared shitless to do that, especially with all the cray cray bullying going on.  I will set it up as soon as I get my synopsis/blurb done.  (This could be a while seeing as how I have started it no less than 30 times and gave up on it every time.  It's really hard!)

All that being said, it's moving along nicely, slow, but nicely.  Thanks for being patient and hangin' in there while I take FOREVER to get this done.  Much love. ♥


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